Monday, February 16, 2009

To tell or not to tell

I'm sure we've all been faced with the issue on whether to tell a person the truth or not...Do we tell them in hopes they'd listen? Do we let it go and let that person never know the truth?its super complicated. Do we just say something to let it be known? Even tho it seems sooo easy

Here's my story:

Back in High School I talked to this guy.. No biggie .. I was like in 11th grade he was a bit older Out of High school I think. I guess when we were "talking"(if you call it that) he was talking to this other girl. This girl got a hold of my number and started talking crap on how he was with her..blah blah blah.. After that I confronted him and told me it was some crazy ex- and he really like me, blah blah same ol' guy story. I got over it.. it kept happening so I decided to end it. I cut off all communication with him. He begged back(of course, haha). She called a few more times after .. but I figured I was over it and she will be too...
A few months later I believe he started texting me and what not. I didn't see no harm it so I would text back. He was going through problems with school so I would try to help him out. He was trying to get into a baseball program, I even called coaches on his behalf. He always told me he still liked me but I didn't pay attention to it. He had already showed me he wasn't worthy so I only saw him as a friend.
THAN out of nowhere the SAME girl came back around, this time talking about how they were going to get married blah blah ... all on friggin myspace mind you ... I told her EVERYTHING he had told me. I felt, at the time, it was the right thing to do. If I was about to marry a guy I would want to know what was going on as well. I cited text messages(Him saying he loved me and stuff WTF right?) and I still came out the bad guy. It was like I was suppose to know what he was hiding.

Long story short, I told her what he did...she pretty much told me that he would never do that and I was jealous and blah blah blah.

First of all .. Why would I be jealous of a girl who was getting played? Second why would I waste my time making up this elaborate stories ? I could honestly care less what is happening in your life, I have my own problems to worry about.

Point of the story .. Would you listen to a girl (me?) telling you "the love of your life" isn't who you think he is ? Should I had even said anything in the first place ?

I guess when you're in love you're blind to everything else. . . I just truly feel sad for this girl .. It would break my heart to know a guy, my guy(!), is saying he loved another girl when we were "happily in love".

Anywhoo, this all came up 'cause oh girl myspaced me and asked "are you done with this drama?" or some extent of that. (Mind you this was when I was like 16. 4.5 effin years ago.)

Honey Bunches, Their was never any drama. :] I was just looking out for a fellow female. I'd hate for a guy to do me that way.

(We all love these)

I guess they got married and had a baby or some ish like that.. lol.. That's what I got from the space...(yes I did accept her friend request, I have nothing to hide. lol) I hope he stopped playing his games tho, especially since theirs a baby involved.

It makes me feel kinda special that I was in someones head for sooo long who was no where near mines. :]

This was super long, I know, I just thought it would be a good topic!


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johnDEUCE said...

definately people that play other people.

DESIREE said...

Well, actually i have been placed in a situation in which i had to choose whether to hurt someone by telling them the truth, or to watch them blissfully open a door of trouble and hardship... and well... honestly... I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH!
First of all i'd like to commend you on being the first person to ever have me in their thoughts in such a negative way for soooooo long while holding on to such great detail. I mean, you even admitted that it had been like 5 years. So... here's my story, because im sure you had no idea that i'd by chance read your blog. I guess GOD truly does work in mysterious ways.
My name is Desiree and i have no shame in my game. Back in high school, MY SENIOR YEAR,-SINCE YOU'VE DECIDED TO BE SO PRECISE- I met this guy who well in fact was older than me... the both of us, you are correct on that. we talked, as you two did, and hung out every so often. BUT WE WERE NOT TOGETHER!! He liked me and wanted to be with me but i honestly hadlittle interest. I liked the attention, what girl doesnt, but i had my own thing goin on at the time and basically, like all the other girls in high school, thought i was the shit. A few weeks went by and i guess i sorta treated him kinda badly. Then he met this girl MEGAN. Now correct me if im wrong... but you two had the same thing goin on as i did with him: No biggie, just someone to talk to and hang out with. Well he told me that since i didnt want a relationship type thing, that he was gonna pursue you. I was totally fine with that. NOW LET ME BRING TO YOUR ATTENTION... SINCE WE'RE BOTH ADULTS NOW AND WE CAN SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE... THAT I AM GONNA BE COMPLETELY HONEST IN EVERYTHING I WRITE TONIGHT. So, again, I was totally fine with him beingg with you because me n him werent dating or anything we strictly had a phone relationship- now yes i know its stupid but thats how it was. I told him i'd continue to talk to him under one condition: If he was gonna be with you, i wanted him to speak to me in a friendly matter only. I did not want him calling me baby or speaking to me in any manner that he was speaking to you in. Blah Blah Blah.... so time went on and i admit... i started getting a little jealous because i realized that i actually had feelings for this guy so one day i told him i respect his decision to be with you and because of the way i felt i could no longer speak to him. Well then he turns around and says... well i wanna be with you. OK--- even tho it was stupid of me to believe this guy that i had barely know but two months--- I did. Now keep in mind everyone.... meanwhile, he and MEGAN had really created "something special???" IDK, really. All i knew was what he told me. So again, time went on and i assumed this guy and MEGAN had not been talking. IDK APPARENTLY I WAS WRONG.
A few times he and I had gone out.... "someone" was calling or texting. NOW LET ME REMIND EVERYONE HOW STUPID GIRLS ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL BY TAKING MYSELF, FOR EXAMPLE. Instead of going straight to the source... HIM, i blew up on an innocent person, MEGAN. Now again, im just being honest and you can correct me if im wrong, but honey, youre no angel... it was stupid on both our parts. You disrespected me just as much as i disrespected you. You know, its that game people play in high school.
So again... time goes on... and this guy and i end up breaking up... nothing to do with you or anyone else... just our own personal issues we had experiecnced throughout the 2 YEAR relationship we had, had.
Time passes..... and we remained separated for about 7 or 8 MONTHS!!!
Now lets get back to your comment which really threw me for a loop because your insinuationg that i was being immature and rubbing shit in through myspace when in fact its not the truth. Quote&Quote THAN OUT OF NOWHERE THE SAME GIRL CAME BACK AROUND, THIS TIME TALKING ABOUT HOW THEY WERE GOING TO GET MARRIED BLAHBLAH.... ALL ON FRIGGIN MYSPACE MIND YOU... Quote&Quote
Lets back up a second here... this guy and i split up for 8 months then decided to work things out one last time considering the fact that we had actually established a srious relationship at one point. Now once he and i got back together things werent all peachy keen but we worked through it. I just happened to be browsing myspace one day and thought about you... why??? IDK maybe i was just being too nice seeing as you try to find any and every reason to put me on blast every chance you get. So I thought about you and looked you up. I saw that you were doing well... you know started college at csuf and all and i was impressed. So i decided to add you to my friends list. Nothing detrimental or malicious or anything, just pure kindness. Now i dont exactly remember if i wrote something to you first or if you just decided to ruin my life again, but i remember something like this. You wrote to me saying something along the lines of "oh well he wants me... hes been texting me all this time saying how much he loves me and that he wants to work it out again." ok fine... at this point i dont remember if i was more upset at the fact that you immediately had somehting negative to say or at the fact that i had actually tried to be nice to you. Now I also remember telling you that HE WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO ME, you are right again. But you did in fact leave out some important information. I said that i did believe that hetold you all that bull shit and that he did wanna be with you, but remember, dear, I ALSO TOLD YOU IT DIDNT MATTER BECAUSE WE WERENT TOGETHER ALL THAT TIME I DID KNOW DEEP INSIDE THAT HE WOULDNT HAVE DONE THAT IF WE WERE TOGETHER.
Sooo today i see that our stories are very different but they do include the exact same detail. HMMM.. lets take a step back and look at this again.... WERE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE, WITH TWO DIFFERENT MINDS, IN THE EXACT SAME SHOES. It was all a MISUNDERSTANDING!!!
Yes we are happily married, and yes we do have a beauiful baby, and today.... i still dont hate you!!! :)

Since you were just looking out for a fellow female (which i had accepted a long time ago)... could you please stop bashing my name every chance you get. Todays friend request was all out of innocence and i was genuinely wondering how things looked on your side of town. Sorry for keeping you in my head for all this time but i will never forget someone so determined... to make her point... or to destroy me... whatever your doing. IDK but chick, we're adults now so lets just let it go instead of turning to a new cite which you thought id never see. Thanks, sincerely,
HONEY BUNCHES.....!!!!! lmao!!!!

Reggie Magz said...

That's foul on his part, but honestly if I was in your shoes I would of left it alone from the get go.

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

introducing Oh girl^ :] lol

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

BTW honey bunches of oats.. I knew you'd read the blog.. its all over my myspace && you did add me :]

"everyone's Reading it"
&& I even Bulletined about it. haha

Second .. I never bashed you.. no names.. strictly presenting my a situation for a mere topic of the night :]

Get me out of your head love. :]

Unbreakable said...

Wow after reading all this I am so exhausted with it, if even forget what I wanted to comment. But I will say this; you guys should try the best to let it go. And live happily ever after lol

DESIREE said...

dude... seriously.... just let it go already..... i was just trying to be nice but your freakin psycho. i dont care if the world sees it obviously, its your issues i was complicated with but really... LET IT GO!!!!

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

Honey, its been done. Its only been rebrought up because you came back around. If I offended you, sorry?

I've told you this many times before,
I have no intention of being your friend nor do I have a reason to be nice and fake to you. :] i'm not holding a grudge(nor should I even have one), I just dont see a point in it.

Please stop trying to play innocent love.. I have enuff drama in my life right now, I dont need someone from the past to bring more.