Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gym Head

I've become a gym head. :]

I live there and love it. lol. Its been roughly only a month, hahahaha, but I hope I can keep it up. I only have 129 more days 'till I turn 21!!!!!!!!!! So I have to work on my fitness. I don't wanna be buldgy in my super fitted dresses. :] lol

While being there I learned a lot about the different types of people that go to the gym. I have accumulated a list, but please feel free to add.

1. The "macho" im here to stare at girls butts guys: They're usually on the machines behind the treadmill. Always smiling at you when they get the chance. Sitting around talking to their buddies. They usually only begin to work out when they notice someone staring at them.

2. The work out diva: Im secretly jealous of these girls. They come to the gym in their cutest attire ... BUT do nothing. They walk the treadmill at a slow pace and usually on the phone somehow texting or even talking on it. I am always tempted to take my phone into the gym but I know its just a distraction so I leave it in the car. lol.

3. Super go get it girl: This is that girl who runs forever and ever, NEVER stopping. I hope to work up to become this type of women. :] You check her stats and she's like at 10miles running at 5.8 still. Super jealous. :] I envy her. haha

4. Mr. Super hot macho: This is the guy who smiles at you cause you got caught staring. lol. The one you want to sit behind you on the treadmill but is super into his fitness. lmao. Those come rare, but when they do it excites you. haha

Lastly, theirs me. The ones who are there not looking cute, nor looking bummy...just there to get a work out and notice the quirks of everyone else. :]

I'm sure theirs a million more types...but if I name them all, ill just be stereotyping. hahaha.
Feel free to add to the list.


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Reggie Magz said...

Ha, you're not the only one becoming a gym buff. Well precisely, I haven't started til the other day. I just been doing my normal thang-thang around the (neighbor)hood. Yeah I know all those stereotypes you laid out there, and I fit none of the above... well maybe I'm type 1, but minus the "macho" nacho crap. Ha.

johnDEUCE said...

yes im jealous! i want a photo of you and i, doing our romantic lil thang at islanda on your blog once. hehe you know what i meaaaan (;

so when are u gonna toss me your cellie number ei?

Bon Don said...

You forgot me!

... the fat chick who walks super slow on the tread mill or plays in the pool for two hours without working up so much as a drop of sweat! :)

Gorilla Bananas said...

Climbing trees is a better way of getting your butt in shape.

Elle said...

Kickboxing queen checking in. Works wonders for my body. Follow the blog home skillet.

Anonymous said...

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