Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Tuesday & welcome back from a long weekend!

Maybe topic of the night could have done without a story.. eh.. what's done is done. :]
side note: I wasnt trying to put anyone out there, hence no names, just created a story line help aid discussion. :] Nuff of that.

Sooo I have an essay do in class today. -sigh-
I haven't been to gym in like 4 days and I must go. I feel like a fatty. :/

Luckily I didn't have a 3 day weekend to get all this done. -sarcasm- lol
All I felt like doing yesterday, the day I planned on getting things done, was sleeping...the rain has that effect on me. . . I did hit the mall tho. alone. haha. I really just wanted to go to the CCO but failed to find anything I liked. If Kat was there I would be in debt now, luckily she wasn't.

-eh- enough of the stalling, must work and squeeze in essay writing time. :]


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As for your other entry, bitches get stitches. ;) You're the better person!

I'd like to read you essay!

Female_intuition said...

Thanks for the love girl, let me know how your hair goes! Girl, i feel you. I got an essay to do also and I feel like a fat shit cause I have not been to the gym for like, 2 months already due to school. Goodluck on your essay After I sign off, I gotta work on mine too haha

Bon Don said...

I'm with JerseSupreme! ... oh except for the whole "reading you an essay" I think that would be kind of weird if i did that while looking into your eyes or something. ??

AB said...

Hey superwoman,How be u?
I was wondering if my links are helping u any and if u got traffic from me yet.
Lemme know if I can make my shit better. Ur feedback wud matter a lot to me.
Anand. :-)