Thursday, December 11, 2008

OMG .. Im gonna cry

Guess what happened today :]
I won Britney Spears tickets on 99.1!!

Lets start from the beginning. I was stuck in my usual traffic. I listen to KGGI every morning, I love the news popester style. haha. Anyways..they're giving away Britney Spears tickets. All you have to do is give them the two Spears song that are mixed into one. As soon as they asked for caller 29 I began to dial...first attempt, busy tone....second attempt, busy tone.... third, fourth, fifth .. busy, busy, busy!!! THAN my next attempt even amazed me.. lol The conversation that would add excitement to my life went as follows:

Jeff Pope[morning show host]: Hi who is this?
Me[confused, excited, weirded out]: Meeegaann
Jeff: Where you from?
Me[still confused, more excited!]: Rivveerrrsssiiidee!
Jeff: You're caller 29! Can you identify these two songs (songs were made into one)
--Song plays--
Jeff: Can you identify those song?!?!
Me[still shocked]: Hit me baby one more time &&&&& Im a slave for you ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Jeff: You're a WINNNER!!!!
Me[Shocked stillll]:Oh my God, Oh my God .. I think im going to cry!

WTF! I said I was going to cry. hahahahaha. Thats like one of those things you wish you could take back...It was super early and hopefully no one heard me. haha

Anyways...they got my info and I will be seeing her in APRIL! :]

Jealous? Should be. lol