Thursday, August 07, 2008

So you think you can Dance

"Makes me wanna start poppin"

Thats pretty much the quote of the day. lol. We were watching "So you think you can Dance" and they had the poppers poppin and it just made me wanna pop. lol. My cousin started laughing. I went to shift my weight to the other leg and he said.

"OMG I thought you were going to get up and start dancing"

lol. awww.. Anywhoo, they were both really really good.

In other news, I missed my run today. Fat ass. lol. I also had a green tea and cheeto buffs. lol I knw i knw. oh well. :/ A little calorie splurge isnt THAATT bad. right? Say what you want. I ate it and I cant take it back. lmao

Wellllllllllllll...thats all for now. Lazy afternoon. :)


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