Saturday, August 02, 2008

Good Morning <3

Good Morning America!! :)


Its 9:00am which is pretty darn early for a Saturday if you ask me. I woke up about an hour ago. Lounged around. Got on myspace. Woot woot. Checked and replied :) If I didn't get back to you, it just means that I don't love you! hehe jk. kinda. lol. SO yeah. I contemplated my run this morning. Like really really really hard. Then I decided if Amanda answers her text I sent her "wanna run?" than I would go. But she didn't..............soooo that means I didn't go. lol

PLUS...I still have to get ready. We're going to the NWP meet today!! I'm kinda excited :) Idk why. lol. So that means lots and lots of pictures :) Hopefully it wont be tooo hot tho. lol
Which reminds me, i have to go get hairspray :) Curly or straight??? help me out. lol its been a bit since I wrote.(Like two days, lmao) but yea. I went to the mountain Thursday I think. With Granny(slow poke) my mom and Amanda. Their were these old guys checking out my mom today. -gag- lol thats gross. lol.

Oh yea..I miss Wanda this weekend : / lol
Love you girl. Im here for you.

Umm other than that nothing toooooooooo exciting happened. .. .. .. -thinks- eh.

Ill let you know how the meet goes tonight :)


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