Sunday, December 02, 2012


'Hi, my name is Megan and I'm addicted to Groupon.'

I swear, if there was a meeting for those who need help buying unnecessary 'deals' my fiancé would probably make me attend. Lol.

While pregnant I bought 3 different photo packages thinking each one was better than the next not realizing that they all expired around the same time.

Therefore we has to take Noah to take photos again this weekend. Welp. Needless to say this one didn't go as great as the last. Although I loved the photographer, the organization of the company sucked. Let me tell you - I am never NEVER never on time to anything in my life... But I wanted to avoid a meltdown from my son so I made sure I was not only on time but 15 minutes early. This is unheard of from me. Being that I'm never on time to anything in my life...thinking back it was probably karma... But They made us wait a whole hour and a half to take our photos! OMAG. My son ended up having a major crying meltdown and hated life at this point. Not the best of pictures from his 8 weeks of life, but being his mommy I had to buy every single photo! Lol.

I'll mention the name of the dislike place AFTER I receive my photos lol. Yes, they make you wait for them!!! Never buying another deal other than picture people!! HA!

Photos to come....whenever I get them...

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