Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lets be meaningful --

First post of 2011 ((:

I've majorly lagged on blogging .. I seem to always start post this way ...

2010 ! Where in the freak did you go ?!  It truly was a growing year.  I changed majors,  fell in love, had my heart broken, broke a few hearts, danced my life away, drank wayyyyyy too much.  Did Vegas religiously and became a better 'me'. 

Megan 2.11 is ready for this new year!!  I decided yesterday that instead of a "New Years Resolution" i'm going to start "mini resolutions".  These are set up weekly, daily, anytime really as long as it's something new.  They'll be my 'mini-goals'.  lol  The new one as of lately is 'complimenting random people'.  I know I LOVE random compliments and I'm sure all of you do too.  Why not brighten  someones day?  From a simple, "those are cute shoes!" to "You have a great selection in wine" (hint hint).  They are over once I feel I can do this on a daily basis without thinking about it ... the next one will probably be "random act of kindness".  We shall see.

Sooooo much more to tellllllll ....

Soo,  since the last church I was  attending was with my ex- boyfriend (back in April '10, HORRIBLE I know) I am in search of a new one.  I am Christian but I  am open to trying a catholic church with the girlies.  I think I'm leaning towards The Grove of Riverside -- I do have family there and I must say I really do like it. 

What else...

I changed my major for  certain .. i'm looking into schools and doing a TON of research on all of them.  I will update you once I pick one..  super scary but will be worth it... hopefully :P

hmmm.. I guess I shall close with some RANDOMS!!!!!!! Woo hoo .. I will try to write more !! .. Promise lol

R A N D O M S of H I P P O L E E T O E

1.  I wear a weave .. lmao ... i got talked into last year cutting my hair into a bob !! It WAS super cute for about 6 weeks than I  HATED it.  It's a lot longer now, which is good, but not where it should be.  A lot a girls have extensions... we can fool you well.  ((: 

2.  Hi, my name is Megan && i'm addicted to Word Feud.  Ugh --- If you play ADD ME ! ' Hippoleetoe '

3.  SECRET?!  I have a letter hanging on my wall from my HS sweet heart from back in 2006 that I still have not read to this day. LMAO (Its pinned to this bulletin board that just gets moved place to place). I just never got around to it .. I don't do well with break up mushy stuff.  Sorry Adam ... if you're out there .... hopefully NOT reading this. lol  (I think I told him I read it. lol)

4.  I'm addicted to buying VS P I N K panties.  They just so darn cute.  I like the lace ones SOOOOOO comfy!

5.  I cheated on you with Tumblr.  :(

Love you guys


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