Friday, January 28, 2011

Call Out

Soo ... I have to call you out on this one ... haha
I had a boyfriend a few years back...
These stupid little dogs came in our Happy Meals && it became our things.
They were placed in his EVO (oohh, yes, now you know which one he was lol) for a long time...
until one day, it just magically wasnt there.
I got the story that he gave them to his youngest cousin
(Thinking back .. he doesn't have any close to him.  smh)
Soooo ... anyways .... after these dogs disappeared things started to change, dramatically
He was PARANOID allll the time, secretive and really started taking me for granted.
When you're in "love" you always think its you, so you try to make it work...
To make an already L O N G story short ... I found out he was seeing an old girlfriend
After forever of going back and forth it ended with me telling him some words... and of course that Karma was going to get him (I probably have a blog about that somewhere haha)

Sooooooo this brings us to today in 2010.  The other night he texted me
(After years, I learned how to be civil)
It went something like this:

Him:  (Out of no where) Have you ever had one of you girlfriends hook up with your man?
Me: Umm.. No, I don't think soo
Him: Well my girlfriend hooked up with one of my friends
Me: lmao
Me: Karma
Him:  I know, huh? It will get here
Me: Not her, you for what happened with me.

((:  lmao

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