Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Happily ever nightmare ...

Once upon a time ...

I was told I had the most perfect relationship. We went to Disneyland, church, running .... Anything and everything imaginable together ! I had many first with him....first helicopter ride, first beach picnic ... First time I was in love ... Well what I thought was love.

From afar everyone complimented our relationship. We looked flawless and happy together. 4 months into this blooming magical relationship i get a email from his ex girlfriend. She forwarded me an email he had wrote her. In this email it said how much he cared and loved her still and how she was the one that he missed. I confronted him and he said it was nothing. Always slick with his words .... I believed him. I stuck around ... But our happy relationship wasn't so happy anymore.

We constantly fought .. To the point of tears and anger. I wasn't going to let anyone see my struggle so I continued to put on a happy face. It got worse of course. I found new letters and text messages. I stood around. Yes ... I hate to say it. I became one of those girls.

I was the one to pay for everything ... Cooked/clean ... Suprised him just to try and win his affection. But the calls and the text to other girls continued.

I finally was told that he 'needed to work on himself.' He left me. Heartbroken I picked up the pieces and stood as strong as I possibly could. I use to wonder why I wasn't good enough. What I coulda improve on.....what I did wrong....

Months passed by and I slowly moved forward. The party girl in my starting creeping. Vegas called my name. I turned 22 and was on the loose. Thanks to my friends who stood close. I moved forward.

I look back and I wonder how stupid i coulda been. If any of my friends would tell me this story i would tell them how stupid they were. They deserve better and he's just an all time dirt bag. Why couldn't I listen to myself?

I vowed to myself to never be that girl again. Now I believe that I'm a stronger person because of it. I learned to love without restraint even if it didn't last. I'm capable of so much and one day someone who deserves me will have me! (Lol)

I want you to read my story and know that every girl deserves a prince. You shouldn't settle just to prove a point or for the simple fact of comfort.

You live and learn.
Never stop smiling and laughing.

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Anonymous said...

fuck that guy that did that to u str8 up megan i loved u and i still love u after i read this theirs just no way that asshole did that to u i know i wasn't perfect and we fought but i never cheated on u and u know that and u know who this is and Ive told u if u give me the time and date when u would let me love u again the way i have always done i can show u im a better man and that i would love to settle down with u...and ill fuck that fool up for doing wut he did to u straight up...i would never do something like that to hurt u megan never!!!