Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update on my LIFE

Writing hasn't been my passion as of lately .. but knowing its my expression and also my way to vent I need to get on this blog scene again. lol.
Soooo much is going on and it all seems to be happening at the same time. When life gives me a lemon I feel like someone is taking it away and squirting the acid into my eye. lmao .. yes that bad. Worse part is I take it out on all the worng people....changing that !
I'm fortunate to have a family who loves me ... a boyfriend who i can lean on ... and friends I can tell my life too.
On a lighter note ... School has started !! I've never been soo excited in my life for school to start. haha
5 Randoms:
1. I've realized that 1 out of 2 people will think my first name, Jonica, is pronounced with a "H". (John-ick-uhh)
2. Since this blog, when i'm writing my last name I sometimes start to write 'Hippoleetoe' instead of the real spelling 'Hipolito'.
3. I'm falling in love
4. I wear fake hair sometimes. lol. I love the length and the volume it provides. Boyfriend hates it.. but he can't even tell. I guess he just hates the idea. lol
5. I've had the same cell number since Freshmen year of HS. so about 7 years. Look it up in your year book and text it up ! lol

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