Thursday, August 27, 2009

If I had a blog ...

I always catch myself telling stories and than saying ..
"If only I had a blog this would sooo be a post".
Than I thought that why not post anyways ..
Soo in high school, we were having a lecture about fastweb by our AVID teacher. He announced that he had made an account for all of us on the site. He continued that our user name would be the first 4 letters of our first name and the first 4 letters of our last name. My best friend user names at the time were EricArme && CrisPere. After hearing theirs i started to think of mine ... mine ended up being
:( Killed my confidence that day !! haha

5 Freakin Comments!:

C. said...

LOL! you crack me up! thanks for sharing!!

J GiRL said...


was this when you had Mr.MC??

Hippoleetoe said...

Yea it was !! lol

Miss S. said...

Hey, I caught up with all your posts so I officially become your follower recently. I still think your user name rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, that is really funny, I'm sorrry.