Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stop && think

Rico Suave: "One day ima get into a relationship and she's gonna regret lagging it over this one guy she is trying to work things out with..."

Me: "If you're meant to be their will never be any 'what ifs'"

Rico Suave: "WTF? Don't give me that spiritual higher purpose bullshit ...Life is full of nothing but chance and opportunity.. either you capitalize or you dont"

(Direct Text Conversation)
(Conversation has been slightly change to protect...err... well its just been changed k.. lol)

Sometimes simple, stupid conversations can really make you stop and think for a minute. I guess you can say i'm super naive when it comes to things, some think of it as being an idealist. But them realist have a point about life...

My Bestie 'Rico' has a point when he says 'either you capitalize or you don't'. This made me think a lot about the opportunities that are presented to people. For example, my grandfather didn't have someone hand him a shop and make him open an automotive place. He found something he loved to do and he made a living doing it. People don't randomly become millionaires, they work hard to be at the top and earn that money. People don't just win the lotto. They spend hundreds of dollars buying tickets for a chance to be that lucky winner. You're given an opportunity to be in a drawing to win the mega jackpot. Some cash in while other don't see any likelihood in winning. Everyone sees opportunity differently.

I think life is about making doors open for you. I strongly believe is 10% of what you know and 90% of who you know. Make your own opportunity and utilize it to the max.

Its funny how God works. Lately I've needed a boast in life and direction. Now I'm refocused in what I need to get done. I need to make opportunity for myself ! woot.
(Yes ! I got that much from a stupid text message ! ) haha

Post Note side note: This jerk of a "best friend" officially became an ex bestie. Jerk ass.

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mszcheysser said...

I like this post :)

And I agree, life doesn't get better, just because of "fate" or "destiny". It's all about taking your own destiny in your own hands. =]

BarBieDoLL said...

so right :]
this is inspirational

BrittNicole said...

so true girly gotta work for what yu want in life=)


Manuel said...

You hit the point on target.
Good Post chicka bonita