Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Without lesson theirs no knowledge

Life lesson #4985949

The most personable guy .. the last one who you think would play you .. the one who you thought was clearly marked as "Mr. good guy" can bite you in the butt with no regards your emotions. Go figure. haha

It's okay to test the waters dear .. figure out what you want .. figure out i'm not it .. its when you tried to have your cake and eat it too is where you went wrong ..
I don't come second when you were rejected else where

eh .. you grow from each experience ..
You're loss ..
Like Jeezy says "I'm amazing .. yea I'm all that"

Karma sucks .. good luck when it catches up with you.

5 Freakin Comments!:

gor(jess). said...

yup im deffinately feeling the same way !

Unbreakable said...

So true s true..... I lived it so i really know

Nu Nu Doll said...

Karma does suck! lol And do you tease your hair a little before you clip your extensions in? It makes a difference ya know, and they won't get pulled out that way! ;)

Anonymous said...

Please remember not all us men are like that. Their are still good ones out there little mama.

Latin Lover said...

mamas, turn that frown upside down.
We talked about it so get over it.
You got me to worry about now. lol