Sunday, May 03, 2009

The things you do when you're young ..

I've had myspace for years !  
So when we were able to design the last part of our url I was in the 
"shEsz_sOo_sExii" stage of my life... lmao.  That was my screen name for EVERYTHING. I was 17 k .. haha
Anywhoo ... guess what became my url 

hahahahahahahahahah :[

I get embarrassed sending my url to people .. I always try to get the other long long one .. but this is sometimes easier to paste.

Fun fact of the day


1 Freakin Comments!:

E Chuod said...

So you're the one that stole the URL I've wanted my entire LIFE! Curse you! I guess it fits you better anyway.

Oh yeah, Hi there.