Sunday, May 03, 2009

Focus < --

--> ... I don't want to say it hurts ... 'cause its better I know now than 5 years from now wondering why i'm not married  ... lol
--> It's just funny ... the day I like you the most is the day you began hating me 

.. Lets get myself back on track ..

--> only 40 days 'till i'm 21. What ?! lol  Vegas baby ! which means i can do stuff out there legally without the worriedness of getting caught like last time. haha
Who's coming with?

--> semester ends in a few weeks which means summer school will be beginning shortly .. History .. ew.  I'll be there on Tues and Thurs from 6:00pm to 9:55pm talk about sadness.  This is the whole summer .. two classes .. no break .. dedicated to finishing in the next two and a half years(sounds long .. but not).

--> work is getting crazy .. I'm sooo thankful for my job still and blessed with the experience .. even though I complain about being there(who doesn't right!?) I'm happy nonetheless. :]

--> I don't like playing games .. I hate being put to the side .. I'm a great catch .. one guy, one day will be thanking you for losing me.

--> Life: Work, gym, class and study <--

4 Freakin Comments!:

John said...

Having focus in ur life is good. Keep it up girl.

Anonymous said...

Go girl!

Mr. Fresh Daily said...

ooOoOooo...I wanna go to Vegas! I wanna go to Vegas !! Tke me with you ! :-)


gor(jess). said...

oh man , games games games - cant STAND them. i feel like were grown now ..why bother with em & lets get straight to the point. GRR. LOL

but yeah im actually guna write a blog soon on that :) so check it out.

&& have a greatttt 21st birthday ! <3