Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nudie Booties

Soooo I, like the rest of the world, was curious to see the leaked photos of Cassie and Rhianna. I guess to me it showed that they actually are just like any normal young women.. haha .. IDK .. with sexting becoming a common issue in our nation do you really see it as a big deal ? lol

Heads up .. Lindsay Lohan reported a break in. Officers say that nothing was taken from the house, it just looked really messy. hmmm .. staged break in perhaps?
Nudes could possible be leaking soon ..
I'm just saying .. lol


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chavez said...

have you seen the pics yet?

Hippoleetoe said...

"Soooo I, like the rest of the world, was curious to see the leaked photos of Cassie and Rhianna. (add in: [is it really needed?lol thought it was implied :P]I googled and saw them)"

Yessir .. IDK no biggie to me .. millions of girls around the world are doing the same .. difference is that they are famous .. wait .. has society made nudies okay ? Expressing sexuality and body image the norm now? hmm possible topic of the day question ..


chavez said...

hmmmm... i think they're ok depending on how they're done... some do it for publicity.. in Rihanna's case obviously we can assume who leaked them.. Cassie on the other hand... kinda seems like it was on purpose a lil.. hadn't heard from her in a while.

i'm googling for ur pics now.. lol

Hippoleetoe said...


I agree with you on Cassies she even said "Its not like you haven't seen a titty before" lmao plus she has that new song out with diddy ..
She's my myspace song :p so its obviously working hahaha

chavez said...

i came up blank with ur pix.. lol

haha.. i guess it worked then... there's a punani shot of Cassie too tho... u see that one?

Hippoleetoe said...

I did see that one .. she's pierced everywhere lol Ouch

chavez said...
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Hippoleetoe said...

tooo much .. ew .. lol

chavez said...

haha.. ur too adorable.. i wonder what ur mind is really thinking... i'm off work.. yay... where's ur phone =(

♥Nikki D.City Star♥ said...

I think Cassie's pics were leaked by no other than Cassie, lol. The shaven-half-head didn't get enough buzz so she moved to plan B. lol.
Rihanna...poor thang. Nude pics are nothing compared to her personal, awful, relationship drama. I do agree that these chics are just young women caught up in the crazy hollywood scene where they build you up so high that the fall is so great. I wish them the best.