Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear world ...

Dear Mr. Playa Playa,

If you're going to try to play someone be very very very slick. A girl with a suspicious mind will find away to ease it .. or prove its right. Sooo be careful where you write things .. post up things ..

Dear Mr. Sports car driver,

Its not cool to have your top down while stuck in traffic and your music blasting. You're over the hill for that. Alsoooo please don't look over to my car every two minutes. I'm not one of those money hungry hoochies you find in LA.

Dear Mr. slow poke,

Please move over from the effin fast lane ! 494859 people have passed you already ... the guy behind you is tailgating you and I have probably honked my horn by now. Soooo ... save us speed racers all of 10 minutes and move over please.

Forever yours,

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