Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lets be real ..

Lets make a post like a sticky note
I feel like theirs sooo much to tell but not much remembered ! lol

Lets just do a random happenings post to get me in the happiness groove again and we'll go from there.

1. I hate it when theirs that one person in the group(who shouldn't even be there) who laughs at everything. You're stroking my ego but you're going a little tooo far there missy.

2. I've been on a shopping diet..I'm totally proud of myself. The weekends coming up tho .. I'm kinda scared I'll relapse. haha

3. I Finished the semester ! Woot woot .. I was shooting for a C in po sci (not my best subject). In order to get a C you needed 350 points ... guess how many I had ... 351 !!! hahahahaha I'm freakin' awesome. Luckily he doesn't do plus' or minus' or i'd have a C- which isn't good.

4. I've come to the conclusion that drama is sooooo awesome to follow as long as its not yours ! haha

5. Lily Allen makes me wanna kick all the boys butts. Yelle makes me wanna dance like them in their videos. && Lele makes me want to have you for breakfast. haha

6. Gym .. I haven't been there FOREVER.( like a week ! lol) I was feeling grossly sick the last few days plus finals have been taking up time. Sooo .. I'm hoping to go with Kat tonight !

7. LASTLY !!!! Ariza is my new favorite player .. Not only is he awesome BUT " he has my favorite number on the ... well on the whoooolllleee number line. "(-said after game 1 lol)

Well guys its been real ... its been fun ... just hasn't been real fun .. :]

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2 Freakin Comments!:

Anonymous said...

2. Ill change that
3."is C failing" LOL
5. who the fuck r u talking to?
6. run around the house like me lol
7. where the fuck have u been? lol


Hippoleetoe said...

1. BITCH - exactly
2. Ill change that - yes dear
3."is C failing" LOL - lmao hahah I had to check the syllabus !
4. VERY TRUE - Im always right
5. who the fuck r u talking to? haha you have to hear all their songs
6. run around the house like me lol lmao .. do you really do that .. I was joking
7. where the fuck have u been? lol He has been but game 1 proved my love for him even MORE ! :]