Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Almost time ..

I feel like a mother neglecting her child :/

I haven't wrote a meaningful post in a long time but will happen soon since TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF CLASS ... (which means finals) good post should be coming on by.(Hopefully)

Sad part is that I start summer school next week so noooo break ! haha

Lakers better kick butt tonight ! woot !
To bad tip is at 6:00 !! I have a final at 5:15.
Hopefully Robbie will FWD me his ESPN text on the game update !

Wish me luck on my final ! :]

Did you know that rapper Dolla(sings "Who the fuck is that) died yesterday at the Beverly Center.
1987-2009 RIP
Story HERE

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SPiFFY said...

was it dolla or dilla?