Friday, May 22, 2009

Human Nature is crap

We ignore who adore us, adore who ignore us, love who hurt us and hurt who loves us

Kat has this quote on her space .. This guy twittered it .. Its making me think ..

Lets break it down:

We ignore who adore us: I think this relates back to the whole chase that humans seek. We want the hard to get things. Once you win that admiration from a person over you feel as if the war has been won and the thrill is all gone. When its over, its in our nature to search for something else to chase.

Adore who ignore us: From first hand I know this is the truth. I adore Frankie J but he just keeps ignoring my myspace messages! lol. All Joking aside I think it’s that whole stupid human nature bit. That’s why in every dating book and every dating advice column it tells the women to play hard to get .. not toooo hard but hard enough to keep him looking for you.

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When I was younger I was always quick to “fall in love”. I wanted to marry every cute guy I met. haha As I’m getting older I’m getting more scared to commit. Theirs suddenly walls guarding myself and I’ve learned to act happy and shrug things off so I wont get hurt. My hearts been damaged .. dammmmaged. lol. I guess that’s part of growing up.

I think too its having the thinking that the next person I become “official” with for 2 years could be potentially the only one I ever date again. Lol. I look at all my friends who’ve gotten married soooo young and wonder if they thought about this ! lol Marriage seems far for me .. really far .. I guess so much has gone on that I don’t feel like there is anyone to take on that role right now. Starting new perhaps? .. Staying unattached seems best ..

Woot Lets move forward
“Take me out .. buy me things” hahaha


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BarBieDoLL said...

i started this because you inspired me to write random shit and since i have nothing better to do i decided to jump on the banwagon and love it
miss you lotsssss
i read yours all the time freakin hilarious i forgot how funny you were

Anonymous said...

I want too datez you mzz.