Thursday, May 21, 2009

Has nudity become a part of our community?

It seems as if everyone is making sex tapes, flashing va jay jays and taking nudes. Once it breaks it doesn't seem to phase the younger generations but rather the older ones. Its almost as the younger generations response is "about time!". I wonder when that line was crossed .. I remember when the show "The Girls Next Door" came out. I felt weird watching it. Yes, they never showed anything too revealing but knowing they were a nudie centerfold at one time made it uncomfortable. Now it seems like a family affair to watch Tila Tequila making out on with these girls and those guys on Tool Academy stripping down.

OR maybe it only seems as if its okay now oppose to when I was younger because I'm getting older .. hmm

What are your thoughts ?

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4 Freakin Comments!:

LazyKing said...

YAY for more nudity, but please let's hope they are sexy, LOL.
Being nude is comfortable and should be a natural and PRIVATE move.
But nobody should force us to see their nudes photos (Cassie & Rihanna etc.........)

Dj Tron said...

well remember back in the day it was frowned upon for women to show some ankle...then knees and then thighs and now ass cheeks be hanging out like prediction is that by 2020 Naked will be the way to go

Anonymous said...

"apart" means that it's separate.

"a part" means that it is included.

Hippoleetoe said...

"has nudity become a part of our society?"