Friday, April 03, 2009

Lets dress alike .. shall we ?


Yes, today is Flannel Friday. :] All 6 of my co-workers participated. (Thats a lot of people considering coughTHEYREOLDcough). Not all of them but most. I'm sure i'll have a million pictures 'cause they're like that so I shall post up soon. :]

Why Flannel Friday you may ask ?
Fridays are our Businiess casual days at work so I decided to spice them up a bit and theme them from now on. : ]

Therefore the next two weeks goes as follows:

-04/10/2009 : Easter dress day ! Wear Pastels ! Spring dress and anything that is light and full of color ! lol
(Boss thought of this one! I want to find one of those old ladies Easter hats! lol)
-04/17/2009 : Animal Print day ! Wear anything animal print from leopard to toad skin !
(Animal print Friday because it is the first Friday we get to eat red meat again !! get it ?!?! haha)

Just trying to make Fridays a little more enjoyable. :]
Any suggestions are always welcomed ?!


6 Freakin Comments!:

Mari said...

That picture is toooo funny !

Zoella. said...

Sequins!! haha just because it would look highly amusing and disco-tech-esq :) Where do you work missy? x

Amber K. said...

ohh thats so cool, great idea :)

Kate said...

neon, stripes, polka-dots?


sabrina said...

just let you know that ive got some dazzle dusts on my ebay

Karen said...

Flannel is back in...I knew it was coming!