Monday, April 06, 2009

He that will not reflect is a ruined man

Therefore here is my reflection...

So I asked someone close to me (by blood) if they have something of mine because it always seems they end up having it.

She called me out by calling me certain names and I called her out on the way she attempts acting holy.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Direct text via my cell:

Her: Oh trust me. i dont act. i enjoy going to church. and i actually go without anyone telling me. unlike you. maybe you believe in god maybe you dont. i cant judge that. but god knows where we stand =] Ohh and ill keep that in mind next time you misplace somethingg. bye

Me: LMAO thats acting dear. You don't treat people rude .. call people names .. steal .. dress like a whore .. etc. Going to church doesn't erase that .. its ur actions outside of church...just remember that and check your attitude..have a good day dear.

Her: Its called asking for forgivness and commting to your sin...someone doesn't know anything.. lol.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I think the idea of going to church has been misconstrued in peoples eyes. You don't go just to make up all the bad you did in that week.. you go to become a better person and not make those mistakes in the first place.

Personally I choose not to be an avid church goer because of how much of the ugliness I see in people in their everday lives who still preach to me how bad of a person I am for not going.
Maybe its that I'm scared to end up that way ...

A guy I knew in High school used to say that he didn't believe in going to church because of all the hypocrisies(is that the word? lol) going on .. the person in the front row every Sunday was actually the most sinful person there. I didn't understand exactly what he meant by that 'till I got older.

I'm not saying that every person is like that but its too close to home for me to care to make it a habit of being their every single Sunday.

But heck, maybe i'm the one who's got it all wrong in the end ...


5 Freakin Comments!:

Anonymous said...

why are you worried about wtf she does??? if she wants to act that way let her be. fuck...

Hippoleetoe said...

more of a reflection .. not really worriedness.

Thanks tho :]

unspoken mindless thoughts said...

she is wrong an God is only gonna forgive u but so many times u can't keep commiting the same sins an dhen come to church and be like oh God plz forgive me. thas just stupid thas like slappin God in the face and i'm with u on not being an avid church goer,however i try an go when he (the man above says move ur ass!)lOl. thas it i'm done oh by the way i think ur blog is pretty dOpe!


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