Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Walk it out

I've been working out for a few months (like 3 haha) and I always try to make it as intense as possible. For the first few days I was super sore and here and there afterwards but it always seems to be the misc things that makes me sore.

Exhibit uno:
Yesterday I decided to go walking around the buildings here at work with my co-workers. I was in heels because I didn't think that we'd walk so much .. but after a half hour of intense power walking I was tired. I didn't think much of the walk tho knowing I have hit the gym much harder before.

Was I wrong ! I got up this morning and my calves were super sore ! I know I didnt work them out at the gym last night so it had to be the walking around in Tustin in Heels. lol woot woot .. screw the tennis shoes, heels will give you a more umph for your walk. lol.

Will it be my new daily habit ? Heck no .. lol .. my heels need to last me(esp the expensive ones) .. thats unneeded mileage ! lol

Walk at lunch with some co-workers. Go for a walk with the kids.
Walk your way to a healthier life.
30 minutes or 3 sets of 10 minutes is all you need !
Go here for online resources!


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Anonymous said...

I bet you look sexy in heels