Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boyfriend Status <3 ?

Ms. Nikki aka Healthy kisses posted this post on her blog !
I thought we all need a little reminder of what we're looking for in life in a significant other.
Be sure to check her out ! Her blog is awesome!

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Here are some Quick Reminders on what it should be like when you have a BOYFRIEND♥ (Grab the Check List!)

I dedicate this to any one who may skeptical on whether their relationship is the "real deal" or not.

1. You have an instant Best Friend & You can open up and talk about almost anything.
2. He calls or sees you daily.
3. He makes you laugh/smile (ALOT)
4. He effortlessly compliments you.
5. He remembers your Birthday! and all special occasions.
6. You've met his family and friends.
7. He's taken you on a date which soon becomes dates.
8. He asks "What's Wrong" if your acting upset.
9. He leaves you a voicemail every now and then when you don't pick-up
10. He's Protective or shows some signs of it.
11. He shows interest in your life, family, career and daily activities. for example "How was your day today?" "How's the Family?"
12. He looks at you and smiles.
13. He won't allow people to talk bad about you.
14. He's (Faithful, Honest, for the most part :), and willingly shares info about his life with you.

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