Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boyfriend Status from a .. well Boyfriends point of view

(Response to post previous to this one)***

We read what girls think guys should do in a relationship to be crowned "perfect boyfriend" material but a reader(MALE READER**) decided to respond with his thoughts on each one. :]

Its quite interesting to see what a guy has to say ! Read on:

1. You have an instant Best Friend & You can open up and talk about almost anything.
Agree, however that can be said of any solid friendship.

2. He calls or sees you daily.
Disagree. Solid relationships don't require daily checkups or minimum reporting, although by default you may or may not see or at least talk to the person on a daily basis.

3. He makes you laugh/smile (ALOT)
So does youtube and funny movies. I do agree humor is essential in almost any serious intimate relationship though.

4. He effortlessly compliments you.
True. Any healthy relationship requires self confidence.

5. He remembers your Birthday! and all special occasions.
Your birthday is a given (especially if he wants sex). But what you may consider a special occasion, he might consider just "an occasion"

6. You've met his family and friends.
Unless his family and friends are nuts, then yes.

7. He's taken you on a date which soon becomes dates.

8. He asks "What's Wrong" if your acting upset.
So does anybody who has even a remote concern for your well being. Too vague.

9. He leaves you a voicemail every now and then when you don't pick-up
Disagree. Some people (myself included) really dont like voicemail. If you dont pick up the first time, no need to call again or leave a message unless its urgent. They can see that you called, and will return your call when they have the time. Nothing more annoying (esp in relationships, pay ATTENTION ladies) than people who call over and over and over.....

10. He's Protective or shows some signs of it.
Disagree. Men are protective by nature. Being protective can be a sign of lack of self confidence and insecurity. Obviously this doesnt include if you're about to get mugged. LoL.

11. He shows interest in your life, family, career and daily activities. for example "How was your day today?" "How's the Family?"
Disagree. Those questions are about as informal and generic as you can get. I'm more likely to speak that way to my clients than someone I am intimately involved with.

12. He looks at you and smiles.
So does that weird guy who wears a trenchcoat during the summer.

13. He won't allow people to talk bad about you.
Hopefully, this would be true of any friends you had. Fat chance though, especially if youre a chick.

14. He's (Faithful, Honest, for the most part :), and willingly shares info about his life with you.

What do you think?
Responses can be posted in the comment slot OR emailed to Hippoleetoe [at] gmail [dot] com

9 Freakin Comments!:

♥Nikki D.City Star♥ said...

Haaa! Your guy friend is a bit of pessimist and a smart azz but I'll respect it because I tend to be the same way at times :) I like how you did this though. I do believe however that different guys will feel different ways about my list, My Boyfriend agreed with them all :)"obviously" right?? lol... Anyway, My list generally sums up some key qualities in a boyfriend. For instance If a girl "thinks" a guy is her boyfriend but he never takes her out, than maybe my list could give her that light bulb pop or if a guy disappears for a day or 2 with no explanation or phone call, then he's likely not your man. Agree or not this list will def help alot of Ladies out.
Thanks for the Shout Out!

BrittNicole said...

well...i can agree on most of the responses.. seems pretty fair other than the voicemail i like a voicemail just to say heyy i called its cute lol


LazyKing said...

there is no such thing as Perfect boyfriend. Everyone is unique and every relationship is unique as well. You can enjoy something you hated in your previous relations. Please dont sterotype a "perfect bf"

Hippoleetoe said...

You're right ! Theirs def not a perfect boyfriend ! BUT I do believe that theirs a perfect person for everyone ! :] Just some factors to look for !

mszcheysser said...

Haha! I love it.

mszcheysser said...
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Mac Addict said...

wow this blog hit home so much i had it up on my twitter...

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