Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"you really need to stop .. you ain't no artist girl"

Boredom calls for actions. Action ='s drawing which than ='s Hello Kitty! hahaha
Sooo... I was in "blah" mode yesterday and started drawing on my post its. HK came to mind and I attempted to draw her.. Trust me its way more harder than it looks! lol.

See my trial and errors .. well my errors:

LMAO. -sad face-
I guess I wont be getting a job at the HK store anytime soon .. or any drawing place .. EVER :[
BUT than I sent a pic to a friend and he tried ..

Eh. lol
yea, we killed it.


6 Freakin Comments!:

Anonymous said...

you're awesome!

Gladys Lopez said...

thank you! :)
cute blog.

Sarah said...

you're hilarious ! you almost got it at the end

ForeverYoung said...

tahts so cute!

Meya said...

lol... the're cute tho..


its better than i could do