Wednesday, March 11, 2009

suga suga how you get so fly ?

Guess who won tickets again from the beloved station 99.1 KGGI ?!
wow, you're good! lol Yes Me! ! ! !

It's for March Madness with Baby bash -drools-, Pit Bull, E40 and lil Jon.

If you've been my friend forever you have to know that I've been IN LOVE with Baby bash for like ever. lol. It even broke me and my last boyfriend up once 'cause I had sent Baby Bash a Message saying "I love you. Will you marry me?" on myspace (lmfao long story). I even dated Brown Boy (Superman song singer) for a bit in hopes of seeing him..but no. lol
(I was young!)

Anywhoo, I wasn't AS bad on the radio as my last winning (Britney tickets. Read about that winning here)

I really didn't expect it this time, I was thinking to myself "I couldn't be THAT lucky could I?" BUT I was. :] When he answered and asked for my name I almost died from shock ! haha No, I didn't say I was going to cry this time !! ... but I am WAY more excited about seeing Baby Bash. -sighs-

I was planning on buying tickets but it just hasn't been in my budget...actually my budget has been going to shopping : [ haha so it all worked out in the end !

Plus I'm in the running to have my name called at 7:20 for VIP passes .. how awesome would that be? THAN I really will be crying, haha. Just keep your fingers crossed my name gets called! Lets see how far my luck will be pushed! haha

est morning Ever. :]

Thanks Jeff and Evelyn

Click here to buy your tickets ! As low as $25 !!


5 Freakin Comments!:

Bon Don said...

Aww man LUCKY!! you go girl!! ... and try and hook it up with one of those Ed Hardy Bags!!

Bon Don :)

Chynthia said...

ROFL@myspace message. I hope they call you!

You are sooo funny!

Joezehh said...

ahhhhh sounds beyond brilliant!
x x x x x

Anonymous said...

That is so Cool !!! Keeping my fingers crossed that they call your name tommorow Morning !!!!

Meya said...

awww congrats!! you are soo lucky! hopefully you do get the vip passes =]]