Thursday, March 05, 2009

Work it out

You may not find it hilarious but I sure did.

sooo.. I'm a people watcher at the gym and this man walks in .. I'm sweating away on the stairmaster (haha) and apparently my blank staring catches his eye. He smiles, I give a half smile hoping he doesn't think anything of it. He than comes around to the stairmaster next to me ... I think he tries to say something but I ignore since I have my iPOD full blast (blasting GIRL TALK! haha) he does that for all of one minute than moves to the machines in front of me, which is the eleptical. He starts to hurriedly move his feet as if he's running from Godzilla...his arms going back and forth like theirs no tomorrow ... trying to really impress somebody.. I look down at his machines screen and its flashing

"By moving the arrows please select a workout"

this message repeats over and over again .. apparently he never looks down .. or doesnt know how to read(if thats the case, I feel bad for making fun of him). . . so i'm thinking to myself that he'll notice it... eventually right?


Lets just say I got some weird looks because I was smiling while sweating mucho on the stairmaster. At least I held in a laugh ..
he did this for a whole 15mins and some never picking a workout :[ I wonder if he ever noticed.. I was done before he was and forgot to look back lol

am i mean? yea. Is it funny? Hilarious. lol
Something bad is going to happen to me at the gym now :[ hahaha


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Joezehh said...

this made me laugh!
x x x x

So@24 said...

I've been out to Riverside once.

I wonder if we were two blogging ships passing in the night...