Thursday, March 05, 2009

Death of me

Girl Scout cookies are the devil. So nicely packaged with pictures of little girls that shout out BUY ME. Of course you buy. But once the box is opened .. you are DOOMED! The first cookie is totally delicious that a second one must follow. How much harm can cookies bring that are sold by young girls?

Than a second...third...than fourth...pretty soon you're in front of all the grocery stores searching for those little girls in uniforms holding up their yummy cookies.

UGH... I hate this time of year. lol.
Its like all the calories you put off come together in a colorful box.
I haven't bought any. . . but the whole office has...and apparently they want to be nice and share.
Darn you, now you share !?!?

I hate girl scout cookies.

3 Freakin Comments!:

Meya said...

lol... i know what you mean. i try to hate them but they are to good =]]


Don't read my post today.

I seriously had those for breakfast today, I was gonna blog about it but then I was too busy chowin' down.

The C in JC, stands for Chubster.

SiMPLYxMAi said...

oh my goodness! i sooo know what you're gettin' at! i went to my moms house and freaking.. boxes galore.. of course i had to have at it at a couple of them. ;) lol