Sunday, March 15, 2009

Speak on it: Thought of the day : Fairy tale love ?

I was once told that we don't live in fairy tales .. I wont find my prince charming .. no one does what they do in the movies .. Life just isn't that simple ..
Hopeless romantic ? Probably.
Does it exist or am I dreaming?
Speak on it. :]

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D said...

Everyone can find the love they want. Theirs always someone out there for everyone.

I've been following you for awhile and I think you are gorgeous. you deserve the best so dont let people put you down.

Love<3 said...

I think you can and deserve any love you want. others say thingz to hurt you.

You will find what you're searching for

Gio* The PrinceofProv* said...

youd be suprised how many doors open when you trully and sincerely just stop giving a crap.......its pretty awesome.

Love ;),
~Gio* your blogging maniac buddy

BrittNicole said...

There is real love out there you just have to wait for the right timing. if its meant to be then it will happen. but i think every girl should feel like they are dreaming when they are in love. because the greatest love is to have the one you love love you back.

You know who said...

I found my love so I think its possible !
I'm just waiting for her to realize it.

LazyKing said...

People are pessimist but I believe the perfect love does exist.

adrienne said...

yea sometimes i beleive that we can never find our true love
but sometimes they are right in front of us and we just dont even notice it

<3 Adrienne