Friday, March 13, 2009

.... Cuz Shawty Right There Is a Ten, a Ten

If you have been following me on TWITTER (in which you should be) I posted up a comment saying "The world is so much taller without heels on".

Story behind..
I usually wear heels to work. Friday is super casual day so I wore jeans today with my slip ons ... its like a whole new world!! lol I got up to get some water and I feel like I shrunk. :[ The counter tops were super high and the cabinet seemed like a reach. I was standing with a co-worker talking to him and he even commented on my shortness. jerk lol

I think its just a work thing tho. I don't wear heels out as often as I use too. (Considering I'm not out partying or dating like before) So it may not be the world.. just work .. but for 8 hours everyday, work is my world. :/

Have a good weekend!

3 Freakin Comments!:

Gio* The PrinceofProv* said...

People used to comment onmy shortness too, now theyjust move out of my way. It pays to be short, it builds charchter. Tell HippoleeToe shes a cool chick in my book and she aint too bad to look at either ;)
Stay Fly,
~Gio* The Princeofprov*

LazyKing said...

hahahah that's a funny story! Your coworker is a jerk, lool. Doesnt he know that men should ALWAYS compliment women.
And dont worry, you're not alone. Work is also my life. It sucks

Drizzle Kid said...

Perhaps sometimes it's good to try something new and break some habits. Just think of what it will feel like to put on heels again after a day without them. It's like to be really happy you must know how it feels to be sad.