Sunday, March 01, 2009


Growth of the mind, spirit and body are important in order to become successful.
Learning is part of life and if you're smart you learn from mistakes.
Image is important. Trying to be someone you're not bites you in the butt in the end..
Its a "high" for a bit but you come crashing down eventually.
Care not what people think of you..but how you feel on the inside.
Do not try to act like someone you're not .. to receive respect from someone you must show yourself respect first.
Even tho they're cool kids in your eyes doesn't mean they will be truly "cool kids" forever.
To be classy you must act classy..if you dance like a whore ..... that's what you end up looking like. Especially when your posted up all over myspace.
To look trashy is to be perceived trashy. Personal experience.
Another lesson learned .. Luckily [he] didn't give up on me .. but saw more.
It gets deeper...This is just the surface.

3 Freakin Comments!:

life & cronicals of meez. said...

im touched.

Anand said...

U said all the rite words.

Been reading a book of Zen teachings lately??

If u ever come around in my part of the world..I'd be much happy to take u around.

Anand. :-)

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

haha.. thanks..
actually no...maybe if I had I would know better...
More the experience im going through now. :/