Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hey baby..am I crazy? or were you giving me the eye?

My little sister was telling me how her friends are reading my blog. -Hi Amanda's friends!-
I started asking her what they said about it. She said they told her that they like the way I make fun of myself.


I think thats good? :/

I feel if you can't laugh at yourself than you're waaaay tooo serious. Plus I like to find humor in everything(which could be good and bad). People that I text say I type "lol" a lot. I feel if I don't they might think my messing around is serious.

Oh well. Hate me or love me...either way I got you reading. haha -joke- geez. lol


PS Big Props to Dan who sat .. errr .. fell asleep .. through the Jonas Brothers movie! We Heart him for going. (I think he only went 'cause he didn't know who they were...he probably woulda said no if he knew. lol)
1 outta 5 guys. :]

3 Freakin Comments!:


I'm hot...

and you're cold....

The Jonas brothers live pretty close to my hometown back in Joyzee.

Bon Don said...

I "lol" alot too... I only do it if I'm actually laughing, I guess we just laugh alot and are happy people!! Yay Us!!

Anonymous said...

Nick is so hott!


SOme guys try for the ones they care for even if the Jonas brothers put me to sleeeps!!!!