Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh girl .. you look preggers !

I was reading my oh so awesome Cosmo mag the other day and came across an article titled
"A dating coach gives his no BS Tips"

I know how creditable Cosmo is .. but can you blame a girl for being interested in what it has to say? lol
Anyways .. I found some of the things quite interesting .. and for you non-readers of the women's bible to sex, beauty and love .. here's a problem the author discuss:

You're dressing for guys and not girls

It sounds ridiculous but it actually true. When you go out shopping you get the opinion of your female bestie...What is cute for us girls isn't always attractive to men.
Example given: Baby Doll dresses.

"They make a women look heavier than they are ... or pregnant"

I cracked up when I read this. why? Personal experience:
Once I was dating this guy and he took me to six flags. I wore jeans and I cute(I thought) flowy top. It was form fitting on the bust and loose as it went down. I thought I was super cute .... That day he told me I looked gorgeous(all guys say that when they are trying to impress you) but come weeks later when we talked about that day .. he confessed that he hated that shirt.. his words were "it made you look like you were pregnant because everything was slim and it was just extra fabric on your tummy"
lmao :[
So yea, I learned the hard way...I'm not saying to do away with flowy stuff. . . just don't expect to find a guy finding that outfit attractive.

Guys advice:
"We want to see you in something that shows off your figure but isn't sleezy (That sends a message of desperation). When in doubt, go with body-hugging jeans, a sexy top and heels"

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Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

i also have to agree, i'm definately keeping that in mind since i didnt buy the magazine lol