Saturday, March 21, 2009

If you're Ugly keep you're hands by your side..but if you're not than put them in the sky

March Madness was awesome :]
&& very eventful. lol

Story: Me and Cristal rushed to get ready. She had work and I had...well had traffic. :/ lol. Than headed out around 730ish wearing a black mini dress(me) and gorgeous ripped jeans and matching top(her). On our way to the event we got lost of course. lol. I forgot my GPS and her phone GPS was taking us to the actual bank(Citizens Business Bank Arena) so we drove around and finally decided to stop at a gas station.
The guys were super weird and overly friendly. but gave us the directions we needed.. Apparently if I woulda drove down a bit more I woulda hit it. lol

Anywhoo ... We arrived. Security commented on our attire lol She was super friendly. (side note: when I went to the Hard concert I got searched in places where I would have never thought to be touched before :/ lol)
We were in. :]

We went to find our wonderful seats courtesy of KGGI. :] Awesome sky box and private bar (95 more days till I turn 21! lol) We sat for awhile and listened to MC Magic than decided to walk around and check out the arena.

We saw a lot of people from HS .. wonder if they saw us. lol
We even saw a girl trip up a bit while walking in heels :/ haha
--skipping details--

We danced our hearts away on the main floor super close to the stage. :]

I must say, quite an ego boasting night.
but we kept to eachother outta respect for our boyfriends.

Baby Bash melted my heart ..
..Frankie J (My fake boyfriend) sang like whoa
E40 brought out the hyphy me..
..Pit Bull turned it up and made us get down haha

A girl ran on stage and hugged him! lmao. I wish I was her for that brief moment. It was funny seeing a big black security guy running after her.
All and all it was a good night all.
Harmless fun having a super good time.
After all was said and done we hit Mcdonalds. :]
(Me & the Date)

(Frankie J)


(Pit Bull)

(Baby Bash <3)>


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LazyKing said...

lol, what a night

LazyKing said...

PS: thanks for your comment :)

Drizzle Kid said...

Seem like a good night. Good thing you got there without the GPS.

Anonymous said...

aah! what song are those lyrics from??? i heard the song but can't find it anywhere!!

Anonymous said...
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Hippoleetoe said...

Basement Party by the Cool Kids <3