Monday, February 09, 2009

The West

Megan & the ... well West.

In English were discussing "The [boring as can be] Virginian". Its about the old mythological/ideal west. We began talking about the different themes, the traditional cowboy and the importance of names. Somehow Riverside got brought up...I was only half paying attention at this time but I think it was being compared to the OC in the sense that we still have cows and horses there. [Reminder, I live in Riverside and go to school in the Orange County]. At first I was a bit offended, why? Im not too sure...I guess I've been commuting and spending more time out there than in Riverside that I kinda.. maybe a little bit...forgot where I came from. (lmao, that sounds totally cliche)

But after the comment about Riverside, I remembered just how "Western" I was.
When I was young, my grandpa took me to Target to go buy my first pair of cowboy boots. They had stitching on the side of a cactus and a cowboy hat. I cried when the chicken came and pecked a hole in them. :*( After school my sister, my cousin and I would have to come home and feed the chickens and give our pony(yes a PONY) and the goats hay. I use to go riding in the mountains with my grandpa 'till it got super late and my mom would come pick me up after she got off of work.

Its funny how some things can trigger such emotion and memories. :]

I need to find pictures! :]

3 Freakin Comments!:

jconstantino said...

Ha, there's no cowgirls here in Texas. Yeehaw!

Mista Jaycee said...

I can't wait for the pics. What kinda chicken was that if it poked a hole in your boot? Wow!

I grew up in Compton and one of the best memories is seeing Black Cowboys riding horses all over the dairy farms. All through Willowbrook. Happy Memories!

Bon Don said...

Hee hee, I lived in Riverside when I was younger and I loved it! I lived in La Sierra & Arlington. My family still lives out there and we call it "Rivertuckey" & "The Country" :)