Monday, February 09, 2009

Lines Of the Day

"We sure shop a lot for broke people" - Kat Hua

While walking across the boarder back to the states from Mexico
Boarder Patrol: "Where are you headed?"
Sister: -Blank stare-
- - Luckily she doesnt look Mexican - -

Me: (Text) "I wanna see LMFAO"
Kat: -Nothing-
Me: "yea? lol"
Kat: "You're sending me random ass shit"
Me: "? I wanna see LMFAO"
Kat: "Im so lost right now. I dont get what ur saying. lol."

3 Freakin Comments!:

So@24 said...

What the hell just happened here?

Reggie Magz said...

Yeah, wtf? haha

Bon Don said...

HAHAHA... did you tell her LMFAO are singers?

I like this Kat!