Friday, February 27, 2009

Being busy is knowing that you have a life :]

Sorry chickes I haven't posted something good in FOREVER!

Life ='s work, school and gym PLUS I've been super sick lately so haven't really been in the mood to sit and write. :]

I'm in dyer need of a shopping trip.. I need dresses and dresses and T's to wear on casual days. I want it to start getting slightly warmer already and not sooo cold. BUT when summer comes i'll long for it to get cold again. I'm never happy. lol

If you hear of any online sales let a girl know :] haha.

Anywhoo.. shout out to my two lovely sisters. They both received AWESOME grades this quarter! Both got all "A"'s and uno "B"!! I'm super proud of both of them..
I smell John Incredible Pizza in our future girls!! lol

Hope all is well with all my readers!!

2 Freakin Comments!:


Surfin' the net, checkin Megan's blog, cause everybody's readin' it,
Gonna feast down on pizza cause,
everybody's eatin it.
Busy as a queen bee, with work and runnin' at the gym
Keepin in shape, looking so fine, gorgeous gal for the win.
Waiting for summer for the weather to be heatin up,
Hot or cold, she'll be more dope than a drug bust, oh sweet buttercup.

HEK said...

I hope you are feeling better now?
I know all about beeing ill, and waiting for spring;)