Tuesday, January 20, 2009

El Oh Vee Eeeeeeee

To love again..
Ew. Love is such a touchy and complex subject on soo many levels, yet its the easiest thing to fall into.

Co-worker boy is having mucho drama and when theirs drama its alway our whole departments business. (Which we are all okay with! Unless its someone we dont like. In that case their drama turns into gossip and if they gossip about our drama we gossip about them talking about our drama and how sad it is....never ending cycle) ANYWHOO..
He's at the point where he is over being with his girlfriend.They are currently broken up. He broke up with her but she still wants to be back with him. Blah blah blah. Classic love story, not movie classic, but real life classic.

I suggested to him to break it off with her for good if he is really serious about ending it. No calls, no sex, no hook ups, just cut it off cold turkey. Maybe in a few months when they are both over it they can work it out and maybe start a friendship.

I've been in that girls shoe's before. Crying, begging, pleading. Not my happiest moments but I remember...and for some reason that person I did it too took me back. Then it would happen again and again till finally I had enough. Than guess who came back begging! woot woot. lol && no I didn't take him back in the end!

Case in point: I think anyone who is over a relationship should cut it off. but really over it! Not break up just to just play games. If thats the case you shouldn't be in a relationship PERIOD. Leading a person on just hurts them 10x's harder in the end and Karma(oh dear Karma) will come right around and bite you in the butt! But let me be the first to tell you, its way easier said than done !! I know from experience and I'm sure many of you do too.

Relationships are deadly...Being a kid was sooo much easier, everyone had cooties.