Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jeff Pope

Yay! I finally have time to post about the most flattering thing that has happened to me via Blogger. lol

If you're a follower or a bestie, in which case if you were a bestie you should be a follower, of my blog you should recall the post about the Britney tickets I won on 99.1 KGGI (IE station).

If not go here:

Anywhoo, I guess one of YOU, my precious readers, sent the post to the morning show host I won the tickets from, Jeff Pope. He read it and sent the following letter:

^ "JEFF POPE to me show details Jan 2 Reply ^ as I'm chillin' during my two-week vacation, I got an e-mail from someone who read your blog about how you "love the news Popester style" and how you cried when you scored your tix to see Britney Spears. I just want to say THANKS for all the kind words, and I'm so glad you're going to the show. Consider it an early 21st birthday present - and I'm glad you're saving up some money for Vegas!!

And to answer your blog question, I look for the following in the opposite sex: "Does she like hockey? Does she like dogs?" If the answer is yes to BOTH questins, it's GO TIME! I don't care how much back hair she has!!

I was quite entertained by your blog, Megan. Keep up the good work! ~Jeff

P.S. If you like, I can send you the audio of when you won on the air! If you can remember the time you won, I can get that out to you by Monday. And THANKS SO MUCH for listening!"

Just the feeling of knowing people are reading my blog and sharing is kinda neat-o. lol. just the phrase alone "I was quite entertained by your blog, Megan. Keep up the good work!". Seriously made my day. :)

&& of course I want to thank all of you for all the comments and emails I recieve. :) Please keep them coming, I love hearing from you!


3 Freakin Comments!:

johnDEUCE said...

haha, yes hookah is love
and yup we almost got jumped by Mexican baseball players. We were looking for bball courts to play at, but we somehow landed at a Mexican infested park.. And yeah

I'll take u to islands, maybe when I'm in the OC this whole february? Down or not?

Yas said...

OMG that is soo cool! And you won tix??? Congrats babe!

Bon Don said...

Quite the little blogebrity!
That was pretty cool of Jeff Pope to respond back!

Congrats on the tickets!

*Bon Don*