Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day Ruiner

Dear Aunt Flo,

Why the heck did you decide to come early this month...technically its not even the next month yet!!! errrr... I hate you a lot. Please part with me soon. You ruin the time by making me spend it with you. You make me feel crabby and moody. To top it off you come on the day where I actually was feeling GOOD!

Was it the exercise? I'm more than willing to stop. :]

Please Advise.

Thank you
Sincerely yours,
Megan H.


3 Freakin Comments!:

johnDEUCE said...

why would u post that....

thats like me posting about an erection.

Bon Don said...

Fuck that beotch, her & I are so over!

Princess Katrina said...

hahahaha Love it!