Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Letter to an Ex-

Dear jerk face ugly butt head poop breath,

I hope you die...k maybe not that bad..but I want to thank you for all the good times we shared.. all the moments you made me stop and think for the better...but sadly all those moments are torn away of the thoughts of bad. You use to blame me for all the bad that came upon us.. That I was the one who would made matters worse. You use to have the attitude that you NEVER did anything wrong... but you did...I just didn't want to break up with you.. i didn't want to be alone.. I didn't want to be without I kept my mouth shut thinking it was better than being home on a lousy Friday night alone. How pathetic was I? How bad did I need someone there? Ugh I feel so hurt by not only you but by myself. Starting today I don't need anyone by my side..guess what, I can hold my own hand now.

You accused me of doing things behind your back. You accused me of talking to all these guys. You accused MEEEE the one who was there for you when you got locked up.. the one there for YOU when you were poor and promised it would get better, the one who went through all the drama of you having a crazy baby's mama, the person who would never miss a call or text, who jumped when you say to jump, you accused me of going behind your back and talking to other people..You saw guys hit me up who were LONG TIME FRIENDS! No joke, they were. Yea, I would ask when a new girl popped up ... you always assured me that she was a "long time" friend...and I stood by you still..even though you had made out with half of those "long time" friends and I saw pictures of you doing it...AND to top it off you would get mad at ME because I didn't wanna hang out with them! WTF?!?!

I put up with sooooo much stuff that thats not even the half of it. I wish I was a guy... I wish I was able to walk away from you like the all the times you walked away from me. but guess what, Its all going to change, I am going to be that way from this day forward. My main priority will be ME. Next time I'm in a relationship it will be because I know its worth it.. I know its time to get into a relationship again when I know I wont regret it as I do now with you..My number one concern is to protect my heart.

I was foolish.

Last not like every other whore out truly better than your ex. I never cheated on you.. I never ever ignored you..for you to effin sit there and tell me to my face that I was the same as her and that she did EVERYTHING I did for you, that's a damn lie.

You know what.. I do hate you. I hate you soo much for those last words you said to me. "you and her are just the same. You're like every other stupid broad". If you didn't see all the good I did for you in the last year and a half than you're fucking shit to me now. I did EVERYTHING! You maybe happy without me for now.. but once you get into relationships you'll realize no girl would be as dumb as I was for you!! Find another broad that would deal with all your drama as I did.

I hate you.. its not even a "I want you back" hate.. Its a literal, I hate you. I hate you for the things you said to me. I hate you for how you treated me. I hate you for the way you made me feel...You know the last thing I ever wanted was to be compared to her and you did it. I guess that's what guys are good at..hurting you the way they can the most. But I know im better, many people saw me as better and they would tell your dumb ass too.

But hey, you'll never read this anyways. You never supported me in anything I did. I would tell you I loved to write.. that I was actually semi-good at it and that you should read it sometime...but you always thought it was dumb...well eff you..
Theirs someone out there for me...its just not you.

Thank you for teaching me a lesson in life. Luckily I'm not old, knocked up with no future when I learn this lesson or else i'd be you.


I hate you

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jodi said...

ily. and yes guys are effing stupid. they have NO idea what they have until they lose it.

well eff him. he's stupid. idk him but he is stupid.