Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lame with a Birthday Twist

People are effin Lame!!!

driving to work. Left my house late. Stuck and traffic. Driving along...listening to the radio. Every station is doing some kind of remembrance of 9 1m which I think is really nice. KGGI did the Mariah Song, Power did the P. diddy song. It was nice to know people didn't forget.

Anyways...I was driving towards the 55 on the 91 merger, i peer to my right and what do i see?!?!?!?! A HUGE sign that says in patriotic colors, ironic enough, "9 11 was a lie!!" How idiotic is that, Not only was I mad because of how stupid and ignorant some people can be but that stupid sign caused a greater back up on a already crowded freeway!!!!!! Granite, I still made it to work on time, but still. To top it off their were more signs reading "9 11 was an inside job" on the 55.

not one to force beliefs on anyone, but come on. This is a time we should be standing together, not tearing our nation apart. Please don't start writing me and telling me to watch the movies that came out that 9/11 was really planned, because guess what! I watched it already. Believe me I had my doubts just like all of you. The movie has quit a good argument but isn't that what its suppose to have? Its suppose to find a way to convince you. If it didn't nit pick at every single thing than it wouldn't have a convincing argument would it? The movie only shows one side of an argument that could just as easily be turned around to prove the attacks were real.

open to any discussion. Opinions are welcomed.

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YANITZA!! You're growing up and become even more beautiful everyday. I admire your courage and love for the world. Live it up. :) You were your sisters BEST gift ever!

&& of course
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANELLE! It a state of mourning for those lost in September 11th we still remember you and celebrate you on this day. I know you're looking down on us. I love you and miss you everyday. :)

In remembrance to Nadja Janelle Alvarez and those lost on September 11th. You're always in our hearts.

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