Monday, August 13, 2012

A Grandma Story -

Random Rant:

I recently went ombre – for the simple fact that when Baby Noah is here I won’t have to worry about coloring my roots.  Easy, simple and cute. Me and Juan were talking about what my grandma was going to think.  My exact words to him were ----

“She’s either going to love it because she’s seen girls out on the street or in her Novela’s have the same color OR she’s going to hate it saying that I need to get my roots done.” 

Sure enough we see her and she says ‘oooo you colored your hair!’  I gave my quick explanation for blond on bottom and she says it looks nice and that she knows it’s the ‘style’ since she saw this girl in her Novela that had blond on bottom and brown on top. 

HA! I know this lady to well. 

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