Saturday, February 04, 2012


Sooooo, I’ve been dating Shaun T for about a week now and I have to say I’ve never been worked out soooo much in my life!! Haha.  4 Months until the big 2-4 so it’s a must to get into pool party shape.  Vegas is not the same without teased hair, fake eye lashes and a bikini. :)

Life has been a little hectic, new work schedule 7-4 which really means 7-5:30.  Attitude has changed a lot about work, especially with my moving up within my company.  I have to say that even though I might complain a lot, I absolutely love what I do and where I’m headed.  As long as you work hard, there’s nowhere to go but up. 

Goal of the year is to be independently on my own by this time next year.  I need to be out before the age of 25.  It sound wrong to still be there at this age. Haha  I’m going to take the next year to pay off my debt and save to get to where I need to be in order to this.  Wish me luck! 

2012 is my year. :)  No regret this year.

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