Monday, December 05, 2011

Break Ups

All relationships that are not meant to be go through that inevitable path called a break up.  We than lean our friends for support and love and the same thing always seems to be said… ‘You’re soo pretty, you will be fine!’.  In fact, beauty has nothing to do with our emotions, but what else do you say to a beautiful girl who’s heart is broken over a stupid boy. 

In the recent months, that was said to one of my girlfriends.  She had a horrible break up(Heartbreaking actually!) and as her friends we told her those words we think will make her feel better – ‘You’re gorgeous! You can find someone else’.  In all my friends heartbreak, her reply to us was --- ‘I never thought I was ugly!’  ha!  It’s true and in a time of tears and sadness, that truly broke the ice with laughter.    

It seems to break up season.
I swear I will end up that amazingly cool aunt who is still playing the field at 40 and fabulous as ever. 

Happy Monday!

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