Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Morning Rant

Text of the night:
Bestie:  Huh?  But you are amazing.  Kanye wrote a song about you.
Me:  He wrote two actually – Amazing and Heartless :)

- - - - - - - - - -

Someone tell me why I’ve been so obsessed with Drake lately. 
That is ALL I’ve been listening too.  Even when I decide to switch it up a bit and listen to Pandora I still have it on Drake station.  I have issues – Trust issues(Drake reference) HA!.

Amazing weekend with my faves from having to wait on(I hate waiting!) the Vegas Fling (Does he still count as a fling if he drove to Riverside? :P) to dancing the night a w a y to a banda with my girls.  Nothing could have brought my mood down – not even all my make up falling into the toilet Saturday night. (I swear I wanted to die, but I survived).  I guess it just means a new Orgasm blush, lip stick and concealer. (‘nother Drake reference, lol.)

5 Randoms to start off the week:

1.        I think by not opening a text message somehow the sender knows that I haven’t opened it therefore making my lag response okay. (It’s like I never received it!)
2.      I’m actually a lot stronger than I thought I was. It’s the best feeling to prove yourself wrong. (&& everyone else!)
3.      Giving fake names is more fun that fake boobs. (HA!)
4.      When I have no idea how to spell a word when texting I will change the whole text to avoid looking like a fool. (You do it too.)
5.      I cried when I heard the song ‘Doing it Wrong’ by Drake (I had to throw him into my randoms!)  It’s just so heartbreaking. :(

Have a good week!

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