Friday, November 11, 2011

Kourtney with a ‘K’ gets played –

Throughout my fabulous adventures (haha!) I have came out with the ‘stage name’ Kourtney with a ‘K’.(‘Like the Kardasian?’ Yes!)  I use it on those nights out where you want to cut loose and be extra flirty with absolutely everyone …

WELLLLL … I went to Vegas this past weekend and met this guy.  We did the ordinary introduction(‘baby girl, what’s your name -- where you from, boo?’), but my non-thinking(overly drunk) self gave my real name – Megan.  Not the end of the world, but I did break my golden rule. 

Anywhoo – by the end of the night not only did I throw up in the bushes(LMAO), but I also managed to give him my number.  Knowing the mess I was, I absolutely did not expect to EVER talk to this kid again(Which I was okay with BTW).  But to my surprise we continued the text’s after the mini break from r e a l i t y.

So Mr. Vegas fling and I get to talking and texting and the questions start to go beyond the surface.  ‘What do you do for a living? – School? – Relationship?’ So on and so forth – Than the question that changed it all was asked – ‘What is your middle name?’ (Random!)  For those of you who know me(are you even still reading? Lol) know that I go by my middle name and its rare anyone knows my actual first name – but I explained the story to him.  I also explained how it’s so unlike me to give my actual name and the low down on Kourtney with a K. THANNNNNNNNNN the most shocking thing happened to me in my life(no, not really BUT) he told me that he gave me a cover name.  0_o

Ew – did karma really just hit me?!

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